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LOUNGE COVER COLLECTION TWO (FULL ALBUM) – Exclusive Chillout Remakes Of Evergreen Pop Songs

In this collection of seven volumes, we’ve selected famous covers from Police, The Beatles,The Doors, Ennio Morricone, Michael Jackson and more international stars, making musical lounge chillout arrangements.
The term “Lounge’ either than being more than a musical genre in itself, it’s here considered a musical context that includes various styles of music amongst them Ambient, Electronic, Trance and New Age.
It’s Often classified as Downtempo’ sub-genre and gets associated with styles such as Chill-out and Ethno-Beat and firstly evolved in Ibiza in late Nineties reaching great success in years to come.

In questa raccolta composta da sette volumi, abbiamo selezionato famose cover dei Police, dei Beatles, I Rolling Stones, Ennio Morricone e molti altri famosissimi nomi internazionali, rendendole lounge-chillout. Per chillout (o chill-out) si intende, più che un genere musicale vero e proprio, un contesto musicale che include la musica di artisti ispirati a stili quali l’ambient, la trance e la new age. Spesso classificato come sottogenere del downtempo nonché associato a stili quali la musica lounge e l’etno-beat. Il chill-out si sviluppò durante la seconda metà degli anni novanta ad Ibiza (Spagna).

1. Billy Jean – Three Is Odd – (00:00:00)
2. Walk On The Wild Side – Arcoiris – (00:05:13)
3. Libertango – Marcheselli Produzioni – (00:10:41)
4. It Ain?t Over Till It?s Over – Riovolt – (00:17:39)
5. Things She Said Today – Sirius B – (00:22:01)
6. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want – Ohm Guru – (00:27:05)
7. Resta Cu Mme – Melania – (00:30:39)
8. Spinning Wheel – Capiozzo – (00:35:35)
9. Ribbon In The Sky – 2 Men 4 Soul – (00:40:41)
10. Redemption Song – Maruca Rodriguez – (00:44:51)
11. Message In A Bottle – Le Berry – (00:49:32)
12. Mambo Bacan – Italian Secret Service – (00:55:18)
13. Psycho Killer – Black Mighty Wax – (01:00:48)
14. The More I Get, The More I Want – Vocal Mix – Double Dee – (01:05:44)

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