Italian DJ-producer Pietro Berti aka Dj Outwork; influenced by italo disco records, his unique electro sound has conquered dancefloors and club charts all over the Europe. Both under his own name and under different pseudonymous he has released famous remixes such as ‘Summer Jam’ for Underdog Project and ‘Soul Sister Soul Brothers’ for Duke, as well as remixes for Rivera Project ‘Some kind of heaven’ and DB Boulevard.

Italian testimonial for Pioneer Pro DJ since 1994, Pietro Berti has a deep musical background due to his long experience in touring around the Italian country.

‘Elektro’ is the hit released by Outwork featuring Mr Gee aka Glen White, the famous singer and artist who started his musical career in the 80’s, with the Heart and Soul band first and the Soul Fishers then. When he arrived to Italy he joined the Kano band as singer.

Outwork feat. Mr Gee ‘Elektro’, originally released in 3 different versions, is actually played in the most important European playlists and in many superstar DJ’s flycases; like Bob Sinclar, Roger Sanchez, Erik Morillo, while Robbie Rivera did the remix and licences it exclusively for the Usa. Now ‘Elektro’ counts 10 different mixes and remixes. The track was the Ibiza 2006 ‘anthem and it was among the 5 top tracks of the year at the latest Miami IDMA.

The single “Music”, which revises the cooperation already established with MR GEE, has received big positive feedback from the outset and is’ supported by many top DJs from around the world.

In 2017 he started to collaborate with C.O.M, an 80’s rock band. They composed this new single entitled My Gloomy Eyes, an 80’s flavour track, with a catchy voice and riff!

RELEASE DATE: 17/07/2017

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