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Domenico Ieracitano known professionally as MJX, was Italian recorder producer, composer, musician and DJ.
His first album “L’electricLav”was created in collaboration with Monica Kiss and they performed together in London successfully.
In 2016 he released “Blow your hour” included in the M2O compilation “Winter Experience 2016”.
In 2017 he launched two other singles “Ethnica” included in Hit Mania Special Edition Compilation and “Tribasax” included in many international compilations.
In 2018 he published “Don’t stop”, a successful single and two important remixes “Maluma El Prestamo” and “Stand by me bachata”.
In 2019 he metPat Cole and together they worked on the single “Free”.
Pat Cole, dance singer, started as vocalist of the band “Blue Beat” with “Everybody look at me”, a single on the pop charts of Spain, France and Germany.
She sang (also with other pseudonyms) several songs: “Space Bubble” for Einstein Doctor DJ, “Frozen” Madonna’s remix and “You and me” dance single included in RTL Compilation 102.5.
For the Zyx Music she published a cover of Joan Osborne’s song “One of us” with a version created by Robert Miles.
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/MJXdj/
YOU TUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPriuMt93YubzvOYSmC1Rlg
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/dj_mjx/?hl=it
Catalogo M e N 176
Edizioni Musicali Miseria e Nobiltà Sas –Milan Italy
Francesco Monteleone – Ufficio Stampa Radio e Tv Tel.393-9463679
Mail: monteleone@momentisonori.it

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