City of Dreams

– Le Baron de Samedy

00:00:00 Sigh On The Laguna
00:04:26 Anchor
00:06:59 Black Orchids
00:12:12 Mods for Mods
00:15:24 Fuerteventura
00:17:06 Mule of Ibiza
00:22:20 Aurora Fiordica
00:24:46 Glass in Water
00:27:15 Helmo
00:30:33 Il Sogno del Velo
00:35:22 Preambolo Marino
00:37:43 Progression
00:40:57 Roma
00:44:14 Lotus
00:47:06 Lounge on The Beach
00:51:33 Eolian D
00:53:22 Saxodrome
00:56:17 The Golden Way
00:58:08 Seven Veils
01:00:42 Lush in the Attic
01:02:04 Sparks

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