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Fabrizio Migliazzi – 28 Dicembre
Luca Cacucciolo – Sweet Naima
Mirko Fait – John Toso – A New Morning Is Coming
Raffaele Cherubino – Bass Imagination
Uberto Pieroni – Roading
Rue De Luxe – 4 You
Antonio Benetto – Sunset
Maurizio Lago – Dove & Quando
Jay DR – Holidays In May
Fantomas – Cruzer
Gianluigi Toso – Down Beat
Raffaele Cherubino – Galaxy Theme
Gianluigi Toso – Good Pop
Gianluigi Toso – Lookin’ You
Gianluigi Toso – Lounge Idea
Gianluigi Toso – Violin Oriental
Dario Carli – Urban Beats
Gianluigi Toso – Violin Tokio
Nicola Giunta – Smoking A Cigarette In A Jazz Club
Gianluigi Toso – Viens Avec Moi

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